Ring Binders

R713.53 Excluding VAT

Anodised aluminium A4 ring binders with nickel electroplated ring clips, smoothed edges and round corners.

Available in five different colours with two ring clips.


Our Aluminium A4 ring binders are available with two nickel electroplated ring clips, smoothed edges, and round edges. These binders are available in five different colours; silver, blue, red, yellow/gold, and green. The anodized aluminium ring binders are extremely durable. The anodizing process helps to harden and coat the aluminium and this process helps to create a weather-resistant, tarnish-resistant surface that can remain like new for years, but over time, anodized aluminium will begin to naturally scratch and fade, just like any metal.

Ring Binder Dimensions:
235  mm x 30 mm x 35 mm
Aluminium Thickness 1.0 mm

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Blue, Red, Green, Yellow