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About Filaco Food Safety Solutions

Filaco Food Safety Solutions are distributors of Food Safe Metal Detectable Products in South Africa. These products are manufactured to be identified by Metal and X-ray inspection machines installed on food processing line which means if these detectable products somehow falls into the food processing equipment it is possible for the items to be discovered and the contaminated food to be rejected before dispatched, thereby reducing the risk of batch contamination. With most food processing companies already checking their finished product using metal or x-ray detectors, detectable plastic can be found and rejected.

Filaco Food Safety Solutions are the South African distributors for reputable suppliers from the United Kingdom. All the products we supply are produced with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certificated management systems.

The Filaco Food Safety Solutions online store has been developed for ease of use to new and existing clients. Here you can place your order online and benefit from shipments direct from Cape Town.

For the full metal detectable and x-ray visable product range available, you can email us on


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