Metal Detectable Safety Knives

The Metal Detectable Safety Knife range was developed not only to be metal detectable but with safety in mind. They all come fit either hidden or retractable blades to avoid injury in the workplace. The special metal detectable material insures extra piece of mind when using these knives on the production line.

SK102 Safety Knife

The Metal Detectable SK102 safety knife comes with a spring loaded blade. The blade automatically retracts when the knife is not in use. The body of the blade is made out of aluminium and all plastic parts are detectable. The blade of the SK102 safety knife can be replaced. This is the perfect all round knife for cutting packaging material.

SK104 Safety Knife

The SK104 knives are fully metal detectable. The lightweight knife is disposable and should be discarded when starting to show wear. 
The safety blade retracts automatically when not in use.

SK112 Safety Knife

Metal Detectable metal case pens are very popular in the food, packaging, pharmaceutical and beverage production industries. They are available with clip, with ring for lanyard and other attachments and without clip. These detectable pens are also refillable with out detectable refills. The standard ink colour for these are black.

SK116 Safety Knife

The SK116 bag cutter was specifically designed to cur bags, multi-layer paper and sacks. It comes with a stainless steel blade.

SK117 Safety Knife

The Sk117 is a lightweight disposable knife.
It offers a spring loaded retractable hook blade at the back of the knife. It is made out of metal detectable plastic and comes with a stainless steel blade.

SK118 Safety Knife

The SK118 safety knife is the big brother of the SK117. Both the main blade and the retractable stainless steel blades can be replaced. It is made out of heavy duty metal detectable plastic.

SK119 and SK120 Safety Knife

The SK119 and SK 120 knives are very popular among our clients. The blade can be locked into the out possition but retracts automatically when dropped or shaken. 
The SK119 knife comes with a Metal Detectable plastic blade carrier where the SK120 comes with a heavy duty Aluminium blade carrier.

SK123 Safety Knife

The new SK123 safety knife fits on your finger with the blade facing towards the top side. This allows both hands to be free. Perfect for pallet wrapping, tape and cord cutting this fully metal detectable knife is lightweight and easy to use.