Metal & X-ray Detectable Pens

We offer a wide range of Metal detectable pens in to clients in the food industry in South Africa, Namibia and other neibouring coutries.
The most popular out of these are our Retractable Elephant Pen with clip.
These refillable pens are made out of a special metal detectable material and imported from the UK.

Other metal detectable pen variations includes the following:

Retractable Elephant Pen with Clip

The Retractable Elephant Metal Detectable Pen. The most popular out of the pen range. These refillable pens come in black, red and blue ink. We supply the detectable pen refills and can provide you with the easy instructions on how to replace the ink.

Elephant Stick Pen

Metal Detectable Elephant Stick pens, available in black, blue and red ink.
The standard housing colour for these pens are blue but a wide variety of colours are available on request. All housing are made from a special metal detectable, food safe plastic.

Metal Case Pens

Metal Detectable metal case pens are very popular in the food, packaging, pharmaceutical and beverage production industries. They are available with clip, with ring for lanyard and other attachments and without clip. These detectable pens are also refillable with out detectable refills. The standard ink colour for these are black.


Metal Detectable Highlighters.
These are sold in packs of 5 with a variety of colours. Individual colours available on request.

Permanent Markers

Metal Detectable bullet tip permanent markers. Perfect for marking items in all food environment conditions. Standard colours available are black and red. Green and blue available on special orders.

Whiteboard Markers

Food Grade Metal Detectable Whiteboard marker pens. These non-toxic whiteboard markers are available in Black, Red, Green and Blue ink

Pen Refills

Our retractable Elephant pens and Metal Case pens are refillable.
Standard metal detectable refill colours are black, red and blue. We also have refills for the super X CRYO pens.

Super X CRYO Pens

Metal detectable CRYO pens are the perfect choice if you require a pen that will work in refrigirated area. The presurised ink allows the pen to work in these conditions.